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Individualised gynecology

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In individualized gynecology, the subject of study, examination and treatment is the patient herself, as a whole and not the symptom. Priority is given to revealing the underlying cause of the disease, enhancing a more favourable lifestyle, and using complementary therapies. Treatment may differ among women with the same health problem. The aim is that the patient becomes aware of her state of health, is informed about the possible choices, acquires the skills to manage her gynaecological issues and make her own decisions. This medicine seems to provide more long-term results and rare use of pharmaceutical or surgical methods. Common medical issues that I deal with, in my clinic or at the private hospital Mitera, are menstrual cycle abnormalities, dysmenorrhea, PCOS, subfertility, HPV infection, STD’s, extrauterine pregnancy, ovarian cysts and tumours, uterine fibromas and gynaecological cancer.