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1 June 2017

Women: Sexual desire or excitement, which one comes first?

It does not matter if you want sex or not. In fact, unlike men, for women the desire for sexual satisfaction is not the cause of sexual activity, but the result of it...

1 June 2017

The therapeutic value of the homeopathy history taking

The homeopathic history has its own therapeutic value. Taking the history, a procedure that lasts one to one and a half hours, goes far beyond the questionnaire, in the depth and breadth of the classic medical history.

31 May 2017

Acupuncture against premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome affects as much as 75% of women. These women are experiencing problems before the onset of the period, which may be psycho-emotional (depression, anxiety, aggression, etc.) or physical (headache, bloating, abdominal pain, etc.).

31 May 2017

Menstrual headaches

Hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycle can act as triggers of migraine attacks. This may occur in the middle of the cycle, during ovulation and more often before or during menstruation.

14 December 2016

Lifestyle changes you can make to prevent breast cancer

Only 5-10% of diagnosed breast cancers are believed to be inherited, while there are important lifestyle related factors that have been implicated in increasing the chances of developing the disease...

2 May 2016

Pain during period can be treated with biomedical acupuncture

Pain shortly before and during the period, or dysmenorrhoea, is due to painful cramps of the uterus...