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2 May 2016

Pain during period can be treated with biomedical acupuncture

Pain shortly before and during the period, or dysmenorrhoea, is due to painful cramps of the uterus...

7 November 2014

Dyspareunia: Pain during intercourse

Three out of four women, at some point in their lives, will feel pain during intercourse, a situation called dyspareunia...

23 October 2011

How to talk to my child who is in puberty about sex

Ideally parents should have talked to their children about sex before they enter adolescence, but for many parents it is inconvenient to talk to their children about sex...

29 September 2011

The rupture of the hymen

The hymen is a thin film covering a portion of the vaginal opening...

13 May 2011

Your first visit to the gynaecologist

To grow up means to be responsible, to care for your body and not to put your health at risk...

27 April 2011

The adolescent brain

In adolescence, the brain center of emotions-the amygdala-is fully developed. But the center of logical and critical thinking - the pre-frontal cortex - is still developing...