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The therapeutic value of the homeopathic history

The therapeutic value of the homeopathy history taking

The homeopathic history taking has its own therapeutic value. Taking the history, a procedure that lasts one to one and a half hours, goes far beyond the questionnaire, in the depth and breadth of the classical medical history. In addition to physical symptoms, it includes questions about the everyday habits of a person, his/her psycho-mental state, his/her relationships with other people, crucial events in his/her life, and so on. The aim is to identify the underlying roots of each problem with the ultimate goal of finding the right medicine. The process of taking homeopathy history is part of the treatment. The patient is confronted, perhaps for the first time, with all the functions that have lost their balance in his/her life. The hidden physical and psychological interconnections begin to make sense. He/she gets motivated to make necessary changes in his/her life. In the homeopathy history taking the subject is not judged, but under the guidance of the doctor, he/she often realise the root of evil and what he/she can do to fix it. Maybe, if in the classical medicine we had the training and the time to better know our patient, with a history-taking of a similar type, our therapeutic results would be more impressive.