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Sexual desire or excitement

Women: Sexual desire or excitement, which one comes first?

It does not matter if you want sex or not. In fact, unlike men, for women, the desire for sexual satisfaction is not the cause of sexual activity, but the result of it. Studies by the University of British Columbia professor of psychiatry, Rosemary Basson, on the normal functioning of female sexuality conclude that the desire for sex can come in the course of an erotic encounter. At the beginning of sexual intercourse, the woman may not be interested in sex per se. What motivates her to act sexually can be the emotional intimacy she feels for her partner, the feeling of being attractive and desirable, the satisfaction of her partner, the stress relieving properties of sex. There are, of course, times when a woman starts sex because she desires her sexual satisfaction. The emergence of this desire may be related to the phase of her cycle, and it diminishes with age. At any age, however, sexual desire comes back with a new relationship.