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What you need to know about contraception

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Όσα πρέπει να γνωρίζετε για την αντισύλληψη

What you need to know about contraception

If you are not ready for sex, express it, discuss it and wait. If you think you are ready for sex or if you are already sexually active, you must take measures to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and a sexually transmitted disease.

The most common form of contraception for teenagers is the condom and oral contraceptives. The condom is easy to use and can be purchased from many places like pharmacies, kiosks, supermarkets. It is placed on the penis that is erected before the onset of sexual intercourse so that when the man ejaculates the sperm is left in the condom and not in the woman’s vagina. The Proper application protects against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Oral contraceptives contain hormones that prevent the woman’s ovaries from ovulating but does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The woman should take it at about the same time each day, according to instructions given by the doctor and ideally, she should avoid smoking because that reduces the likelihood of side effects.

Emergency contraception is a pill containing the hormone progesterone,  that must be taken within 3 or 5 days after intercourse.