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Menopause: therapeutic choises for a normal transition and a brand new start.

Published at 26/01/2017 be translated...

Lifestyle changes to prevent breast cancer.

Published at 14/12/2016

To be translated...

Acupuncture: a safe therapeutic intervention during pregnancy

Published at 16/11/2016 be translated...

Anemia in pregnancy.

Published at 02/05/2016

Anemia in pregnancy

Dysmenorrhea and acupuncture

Published at 02/05/2016

Dysmenorrhea and acupuncture

A healthy vagina and vaginitis prevention.

Published at 19/04/2016 be translated...

If hot flushes are your problem, give acupuncture a chance.

Published at 20/01/2016

....article soon to be translated

The complexity of female sexuality.

Published at 20/01/2016

...article soon to be translated
17-08-2017 Thursday

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